The patient testimonials below express the benefits that our BritPT patients have experienced:


“I came in to Brit PT with pain and discomfort, and I was greeted by these sweet women who listened to everything I said! I received needling for the first time when I was 12, and as you can probably guess I was terrified! But a few days later, I could already tell a difference! I have continued to get needling and I can honestly say it has changed how I look at treatment options! Deep tissue massage, needling, and muscle rolling has become the usual treatment when I have pain! I have learned more about what my body can and can't handle, and what is causing my pain! Needling can be scary and sometimes a little "weird" feeling, but it is a pain reliever like no other! Lorraine and her staff have changed my life, and I am forever grateful!”


- Grace R  (age 15)



“Chronic hip and back pain brought me to Brit PT three months ago. Although I am an avid yoga practitioner and even an instructor, I still suffer from injuries resulting from a serious car accident when I was in my late twenties.  I have almost done it all when it comes to finding relief from chronic pain - from surgery, pain medication and physical therapy to many different alternative methods. However, as the years have passed I have found it increasingly more difficult to cope with my pain.  Thankfully, Lorraine and her team have helped me tremendously and taught me how to better manage my pain with techniques that make sense to me. I feel so much better and am extremely grateful for their experience and commitment.”


- J. S.



“Last March I was in my eighth month of chronic pain from plantar fasciitis, plus I had suffered from sciatica for 10 years. After complaining to a friend, she recommended her manual therapist, Lorraine of Brit PT.


When I first started with Lorraine, I walked slowly in little tiny steps and felt my hips would barely move. After a few treatments with Lorraine I was 85 to 90 per cent improved in walking and in pain management.


More recently, the dry needling techniques that Lorraine uses have helped me to feel 99 per cent better! It is such an intense relief to be able to walk for my exercise now, something I hadn't done in years.


My experience with Brit PT has been something akin to miraculous.”


- Pam H.



"I hope you know... I wouldn't have the initials behind my name today if it wasn't for you. I had often seen the field of PT as a patient and an observer but it wasn't until I met you that I understood the difference in "typical PT" and the possibilities that truly exist. For you each patient is an individual -- not only by our diagnosis but by who we are as people. You listen. That in itself is extraordinary. If your original plan doesn't work you go back to the drawing board until you figure it out. You collaborate with other professionals and are an amazing example for future PTs. I hope that one day I will be a "Brit PT" kind of PT. One who offers excellent care with a side of caring, compassion, and patience. "


- Christa T.



“I am a retired physician who has a history of soft tissue injuries involving the obliques  and quadratus lumborum muscles. I  first had the opportunity to be treated at BritPT four yeas ago with excellent results using ultrasound and deep tissue massage therapy. I continue to do core exercises and have massage therapy for these muscles groups under the direction of BritPT . For several months I have experienced muscle tightness in both hip areas, particularly involving the gluteus minimus and medius muscles. Recently, I read an article about the 'dry needle' technique being used as a alternative to deep tissue massage and knew that BritPt was now offering this therapy. I had this 'dry needle' procedure performed 2 months ago with excellent results for my muscle tightness in the above mentioned areas. I was so impressed with the results that I had a second series of 'dry needles' !! I continue to do core exercises and have deep tissue massage, but I would definitely recommend this new technique for anyone that has persistent muscle tightness that does not respond to deep tissue massage.”


- K.Y.



“I first went to Lorraine for acute pain in my left leg/hip.  She suggested dry needling for the second visit.  Being a skeptic, I hesitantly gave it a try.  The next day, I had about 80% pain relief.  Came back the next week for a repeat treatment and within 48 hours I had complete pain relief.  When Lorraine finds the exquisitely tender places in the muscle, there is a quick, initial discomfort and then it quickly subsides.  After the procedure, I felt pressure and a slight ache, similar to receiving in injection into a muscle.  Using heat the same day and less the next day takes care of the soreness.


Perhaps the most dramatic pain relief was for pain in my right arm, just medial to the bend in the arm.  The simple act of splashing water on my face with my arm bent caused arm pain.  I had this exercise-related pain for more than a year and thought I would just have to live with it.  I figured if the left leg/hip pain was such a success, then maybe I could get similar relief in my arm.  Less than 24 hours after dry needling in my right arm, I was pain free.  Unbelievable!!”


- Vivian S.



“Lorraine Kingham met me in a place of pain which together we transformed into healing. That is what makes Lorraine different from others.  She involves you !  As a marathon runner, I had suffered from debilitating sciatica and yet ran through the pain for years.  But a goal to run all of the major marathons of the world before I turned 50 at sub-4-hour speed, demanded speed and no-pain running.  Lorraine involved me in a systematic look at not only the pain but its source and my attitude toward competitive running and training.


Within just a few visits she was instrumental in finding the culprits of the pain --- my running gait and form plus a thick spider-like webbing that had scarred over the hamstring.  We tried new stretches to change my structure and running gait and also ultrasound.  Bingo.  Needless to say I finished the last of the "Majors," my 18th marathon in Berlin, Germany, in 2008 with a time of 3:51.  Thanks, Lorraine.”


- Sarah B.



“I first started seeing Lorraine in late 2008. After having bilateral total hip replacements at the age of 21, and with a history of 17 hip surgeries, I had become a chronic pain patient. Over the course of 27 years I had seen many physical therapists in the area. I lived everyday with debilitating pain, which had made normal everyday activities very challenging. My brother had recommended that I give Lorraine a try. Convinced that she was just another physical therapist that couldn't offer me any relief, I didn't take his advice. A year later I decided I had to do something to try to get some help, so I set up an appointment with her at BritPT. After my initial evaluation with Lorraine, I knew she was on to something different in her treatment and that she could help me. Everything she said made sense and I began to have hope that there was relief to be had with her treatment. She didn't look at me as a "hip" patient, but instead looked at me as a "total" body. She wasn't afraid of my complex medical background, but instead delved into my complicated case. I was so impressed with her knowledge and expertise, along with her unbelievable compassion. Although it didn't happen over night, after two years of hard work, I can say I haven't felt this good in 20 years. I'm stronger than I've been in years and function at a nearly normal level with a decrease in my daily pain. I owe so much to Lorraine and her team of professionals. She's given me such a valuable gift. I recommend her to all my friends dealing with pain, especially those who are losing hope. I've never met a more encouraging and positive therapist. That's why BritPT is my only choice for physical therapy.”


- Wendy Y.



“There are professionals who are good at what they do, and then there are those who are gifted. Lorraine is indeed a gifted physiotherapist. I have referred quite a number of patients to her through the years, and have witnessed her therapeutic abilities first hand with myself and members of my family. My patients have invariably come away from their time with her reporting excellent experiences and at times astounding results. Often, Lorraine can do in 2-3 sessions what other PTs fail to do in 10-20 sessions. I believe this is due to her uncanny ability to find the source of the underlying physical problems or imbalances affecting patients and then design appropriate therapies to bring wellness to their bodies. Bar none, Lorraine Kingham is the best PT in the area.”


- R.W. Watkins, MD, MPH, FAAFP - Integrative Family Physician



“Lorraine Kingham has completely changed my life.  I was told about Lorraine's practice by a friend who knew how much I suffered with migraine headaches. I didn't quite know what to expect but was willing to try anything since my headaches were getting worse and more frequent. I was having 8 to 15 headaches a month and sometimes even more.  I was a wreck.  My neurologists was great and the meds he had put me on helped me to manage some of the pain.  But, I needed more.  After seeing Lorraine just one time my headaches were reduced to aproximately 3 to 4 per month.  I couldn't believe it.  I have had migraines since the age of 13 and I am now 60.  I have continued to see her about every other week for therapy.  She and her staff are very patient friendly and every visit is a pleasure.  She has truly been an answer to prayer. I tell everyone I know about Lorraine and and how she has helped me.  Her knowledge is extensive and you will be changed for the better.  My quality of life is better than it has ever been before. Call now for an appointment, she is that good.”


- Marsha W.



“My experience with BRIT PT has been far beyond my expectations! I was facing a second surgery on my shoulder, with the likelihood of the surgery not helping the lack of movement of my arm and shoulder. In addition, two doctors were reluctant to do a second surgery, and stated the recovery time could be up to a year. The doctors recommended their physical therapy, for however long that they would be allowed to provide the service. After the time expired, even though their therapy helped, the severe pain and lack of arm and shoulder movement continued. I was going to a gym for both upper and lower body strengthening. My gym instructor, and personal friends who use the same individual instructor, suggested I contact BRIT PT. Over one year later, my pain level is virtually nonexistent, while performing normal day to day functions. The use of the arm and shoulder is far greater than I've experienced in a number of years. I work out with the same gym instructor, normally three times per week (30  minute sessions). I previously had a one hour session with BRIT PT on an every other week basis. Over time, we have now been able to stretch the therapy sessions out to every eight weeks!  BRIT PT saved me the agony of surgery and greatly improved my overall strength and well being! I can't express my gratitude enough.”


- Barry F.



“BritPT (Lorraine Kingham) restored quality to my life.  After back surgery, I was walking with a cane, twisted in statue, moving with difficulty and pain.  I left Lorraine's treatments walking upright and straight.  She was able to realign my body so that I was able to move in a normal manner. My friends refer to the results as an absolute "miracle" and referred to my PT person as a "wonder woman."  The next time I needed Lorraine was when I fell out of my attic.  After 5 days in intensive care, Lorraine took over with her "magic" so that in less than 8 sessions I was able to travel to Disney and return to work full time with no physical distress.  Lorraine is a Godsend to me.  The quality of my life is wonderful once again, thanks to her expertise and treatment.”


- Marta H.



“When I injured my shoulder on a machine while working out, my first reaction was to “baby” it back to health as I had done numerous times in the past.  Then an additional strain on the shoulder while removing screens from my house for an exterior paint job seemed to increase the pain level beyond anything I had ever experienced.  My compensation for the pain and tightness only served to create additional problems in my neck, elbow and hand.  After suffering with constant pain and sleepless nights for over five months, it was obvious my solutions were not working and it was time to seek help.


Wanting to make sure there was nothing which might require surgery, I made an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon for an evaluation.  He made x-rays which revealed a “strained and swollen tendon on the rotator cuff.”  I was given a shot in the shoulder and told that 90 percent of the time, this solved the problem.  The shot made little, if any, difference in my level of pain or restricted movements.  My friend, Marta, had raved about the success she had with treatment received from Lorraine at Brit PT.  Her orthopedic doctor had recommended Lorraine.  Since I wanted to seek a solution rather than mask the pain, I called and made an appointment to get an evaluation.  Lorraine requested the x-rays from my doctor.


On my first visit, Lorraine explained her interpretation of the x-rays she received from my doctor and made her own assessment of the problem by examining my shoulder, neck, elbow and hand.  She explained in terms easily understood by a lay person the initial problem and consequent complications caused by my compensation for the pain and loss of movement.  There was an atmosphere of concern, encouragement and trust.  Each visit began with an assessment of the progress made since my last treatment.  There was never any doubt in my mind that I would only be scheduled for necessary visits and only scheduled if there was evidence the treatments were helping.


After one visit, I knew my life could get back to normal.  After six visits, I no longer thought about the shoulder.  Although I have a little more work to do, my confidence in Lorraine and the therapy she provides assures me I do not have to settle for less than the active life to which I have become accustomed.  Her praises have been sung to all my friends and family!


I would strongly recommend Brit PT.  In fact, I have encouraged a friend of mine to make an appointment for an evaluation of a long-standing problem.  If her treatment is not the answer, Lorraine will quickly determine that a solution should be found elsewhere.  Thank heavens Lorraine is much younger than I am which means she will be around if I need her for a LONG time.”


- Becky C.



“You kept me walking for a year and a half before I had to have my hip replaced.


Lorraine your therapy is a combination of massage, therapy and counseling.  Over the years, you have corrected an ankle problem that my orthopedic doctor just gave me a lace up sock to use.  After four sessions with you, I could walk without the sock and without the pain.  You helped a hip that had horrible arthritis to keep on moving for more years than the doctor said was possible.  Having had the hip replaced and having to work with other physical therapists, I now realize what a gift you have to heal.  The other therapists are giving me exercises to do but have done nothing to help the muscle pain and soreness.  I plan to come see you as soon as I am released from my other therapists.  I know you'll have me moving quicker than any of the other folks.


I would not hesitate to refer folks to you.  In fact, I referred an older friend who had shoulder pain.  She had had shots and the doctor told her there was nothing else to do.  After three sessions with you, she is moving her shoulder easily.  I noticed the change in her movements after the first week.


You are truly a healer with a magic touch.  I would not hesitate to come to you or to refer others to you.”


- Cheryl D.



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