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“My mission is to help my patients enjoy the best lives they can by relieving their pain and teaching them how to nurture and support their bodies for many active years ahead.”



Brit PT Wellness Solutions Founder Lorraine Kingham enjoys a widespread reputation for her deeply intuitive ability to identify the cause of her patients’ pain. After a comprehensive evaluation she and her team develop a personalized treatment plan that provides relief and usually a surprisingly quick return to the activities of daily life.


Lorraine focuses on “unraveling” her patients’ muscle, joint, nerve, and soft tissue issues so that they can be effectively treated, and provides preventive care to avoid future pain. She works closely with the treatment team to ensure that the patient understands and participates in each step of the healing process.


Many of Lorraine’s patients come to her after they have unsuccessfully sought treatment from other health care professionals and are close to accepting the physical limitations of their pain. The heartfelt word of mouth referrals that have built our practice throughout the years are evidence of our patients’ gratitude to Lorraine and our team for helping them recover.


Lorraine was born and raised in England and her education and professional training were completed there. She was awarded a Diploma in Physiotherapy by St. Thomas Physiotherapy School in London through a program that differs from the US. This BSC equivalent includes 1,200 hours of practical application of manual therapy skills. Upon graduation, Lorraine worked in the UK for two years as a Physiotherapist. In 1994, pursuing her love for travel and a keen appetite for life, she became a traveling PT in the US, and Board Certified as a PT here. Once she decided to stay in the US, she continued her training to become a Manual Therapy Certified Physical Therapist while earning a Masters of Health Science degree at the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences. Lorraine is committed to continuing education and ongoing training in new modalities and therapies for herself and each member of her team. Her most recent certification was in dry needling and she became an early adopter of this modality. She completed her certification with Myopain Seminars in 2012.

“As a PT who has practiced for 30 years in various clinics, rehabilitation centers, and hospitals, I am excited to be a member of the team at Brit PT Wellness Solutions.  I am proud to be a part of such an intelligent and caring group of individuals.  We are all committed to learning and providing advanced, evidence-based healing techniques that include trigger point dry needling and manual therapy, combined with a home program of exercise/movement, that produce phenomenal results for our patients.”


Physical Therapist

Education and Training

  • Bachelor of Science, Physical Therapy, Texas Woman’s University, 1987
  • Certified in trigger point dry needling for chronic myofascial pain and dysfunction
  • Certified Exercise Expert in the Aging Adult (pending)


Additional training:

  • Myofascial pain
  • McKenzie spine evaluation and treatment
  • Maitland Manual Therapy technique including Essential Peripheral, Essential Spinal, Spinal Stabilization, and Evidence based Orthopedic Diagnostic Evaluation
  • Extensive continuing education in orthopedic evaluation and treatment of sports injury, post joint replacement, spinal disorders, and geriatric orthopedics
  • Neurodevelopmental Technique (NDT) for CVA and Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and the North Carolina Chapter of American Physical Therapy Association (NCPTA)
  • APTA Orthopedics and Geriatric Section Member



Tennis, walking/running, cooking, reading, spending time with my husband and 3 adult daughters, active at Westover Church, mentoring young families, and enjoying coffee and tea with friends as often as possible


After concentrating on neurological dysfunctions in the first half of my career, I began developing a love for manual techniques and orthopedics largely due to my own chronic pain/autoimmune disease symptoms.  I understand the frustration of going to experts and not feeling heard.  I am passionate about listening to my patients and developing an individual plan to help them recover from injury, surgery, or movement-related dysfunction caused by pain or weakness.  I love to encourage others in their personal wellness goals, and I look forward to maximizing quality of life as we all grow older and stronger.


“I am pleased to bring my experience as a practicing PT for almost 30 years in clinics and hospitals across the globe to enhance the team at Brit PT Wellness Solutions. We are all committed to learning and providing advanced healing techniques like dry needling that have produced phenomenal results for our patients.”

“The team at Brit PT Wellness Solutions is focused on bringing all our skills and experience together to help our patients find relief. I’m so happy to be part of this team and to have the opportunity to see our patients heal and thrive as they progress through treatment.”


Physical Therapist, MSPT

Education and Training

  • Bachelor of Science in Management Systems, GMI Engineering & Management  Institute (now Kettering University), Flint, MI 1991
  • Masters of Physical Therapy, Grand Valley State University, Allendale, MI 2001
  • Trigger Point Dry Needling
  • Spinal Stabilization including Maitland MT-ST
  • Mulligan techniques
  • Strategic Orthopedics (Lumbar)
  • Extensive continuing education in many other orthopedic diagnoses and treatment techniques.


Julie has been treating patients for sixteen years and she is particularly interested in working with patients with orthopedic issues, specifically back pain, and older patients.



Watching my children play sports, working out, travel, spending time with friends and reading


My approach to achieving wellness for my patients is to first and foremost listen to them and understand how their pain is affecting their quality of life. Then once my evaluation is complete, I address the problems that will return them to the level of function they desire. I like to help my patients understand why we are doing things, so they can become vested in their outcome and work with me to achieve positive results.

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